A Helpful Genealogy Tool To Keep You On Track

One of the most important things that needs to be done when doing Genealogy is to keep your information organized.  Today most genealogist use some form of computer software or online program to store their information. These help a lot when it comes to keeping your information organized and most of these programs offer the ability to create and print several different forms, charts & reports. These can be very helpful in seeing what you have collected and what may be missing, but it is still difficult to see the progress you have made or possibly who you are missing.

I have used many different kinds of genealogy forms, charts and reports over the years. I have even created excel spread sheets.  I have found one form that is extremely useful for helping me with knowing who I’m missing at a glance.  It is a form that is a chart at the same time. I’m talking about the Fan Chart. This form allows me to see my entire genealogical tree at a glance. As I said many of the genealogy software and online programs offer this form chart. You can also find it on the internet as a free download in several different styles. Here is a 7 generation form from Martha Stewart’s website.  You can even find the fan chart form on Printerest. 

I use a 9 generation fan chart you can see here that has both my maternal and paternal branches.

I am able to see who I’m missing at a glance.  I was able to create this with  You will need to create a account or if you use the online family tree program all you need is your your account ID.  has 7 & 9 generation fan charts, along with  other charts that you can download and print out  for free or they can print and mail to you. Of course they charge for the printing and shipping.

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