About Barbara

Barbara is a professional genetic genealogist who specializes in helping those who are looking for their biological parents and unknown family members, using genetic techniques and traditional genealogy research.

Barbara has a strong passion for all things genealogy. She enjoys helping researchers learn about the latest tools and techniques for traditional and
genetic genealogy research. Barbara has helped many researchers with their Brick walls and aims to help break down complicated topics related to family history and DNA to help researchers discover their family histories.

She is a Search Angel for WikiTreeAdoption.org and a team member of the DNAAdoption.org.  Though Barbara does research throughout the US & Canada, she has extensive experience in New England, the states along the Eastern coast of the US, down through the Carolinas,

Barbara has been doing genealogical research for over 4 decades. In 2015, she started using DNA testing to help in her research and has found that genetic genealogy is a great tool to use with traditional genealogy research and has been very successful solving brick walls and finding biological parents.

Barbara does workshops and presentations on DNA and genealogical topics to help newcomers and enthusiasts in genealogy to better understand how to find their ancestors in today’s digital world. 

Barbara is the author of two books on her family, “Chagnon Family History and 3 Volume eBook Guide collection, “Seeking Those Who Have Gone Before Us.”

Barbara is a member of the VTgenlib.org, HCGHS.org, NCGenealogySociety.org, NISG.org and NGSgenealogy.org.  She is currently the Vice President of the HCGHS and has received her DNA certification from NISG in Toronto Canada.

Along with her genealogy, Barbara is the website designer/developer and maintains several genealogy websites, such as the ChagnonFamilyTree.com, the Ancestryseeking.com, DNAAdoption.org, the Vermont French Canadian Genealogical Society, also known as vtgenlib.org, the Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Society, also known as HCGHS.org, the Pleasant HillCemetery Association.com, and HendersonCounty, NCGenWeb websites. 

Ancestryseeking  Facebook page, where she posts the latest happens and news.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact her.